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just new.

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alien vs predator, amanda palmer's attitude, any russian shit, anything by steven spielberg, brechtian punk, cabaret, chelsea handler, chelsea lately, chuck, chuck palahniuk, chuck palahniuk's, classical, crazy makeup, davey havok, dresden dolls, electronica, glam metal, gossip girl, grunge grunge grunge, guitar riffs, harlequin jones!, invisible monsters, jac vanek, just married, keyboard, kurt cobain's not dead!, lady gaga, lily allen's super-hilarious songs, lyn z, manus kelley's life-changing quotes, mark morton's everything, metal, narcissism, piano, piano & guitar playing, piano playing, razia's shadow, rock, russian techno/trance, ryan ross, sci-fi, sheet music, singing, skinny guys, sleeping late, steven spielberg's, synthesizers, the academy is, the hush sound, tomb raider series, vicky t, watchmen, web designing, william beckett, witty witty boys, yulya volkova
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